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Horse Racing Extras


To take the individual or table bets and collecting your winnings providing a smooth and relaxing fun evening.



  • Jockey Girls in silks

  • Paddock Panto horse

  • Winning post scenery 

  • Personalized Rosettes and Race Cards




Club and birthday party fun money customised at extra cost. Wedding fun money customised at extra cost. Corporate fun money customised at extra cost.

Your guests play with FUN MONEY (or money personalised with your logo and text). The aim is to win the most fun money throughout the evening, the players winning the highest sums are given prizes at the evenings conclusion. The fun money can, if you wish, be purchased during the evening for a small donation to a charity of your choice.

Each person can be issued with notes £25.00, £50.00 and £100.00 to purchase Chips and at the end of the evening the person/table with the most money is the winner.


  • Bank Of: can be personalised with the name of your choice

  • Promise to pay the bearer: denomination of your choice

  • Chief cashier: the name of your choice

  • Your image: inserted in the circle in the right hand section (requires a JPEG)

  • Your logo: can be placed in the left hand section (requires a JPEG)


  • What prizes should you offer to the winner(s)

  • Once the final race is run, all the accumulated money is banked and totalled, with a prize awarded to the team, or individuals, who have won the most money.

  • Winners at our past events have been presented with trophies, certificates, medals, bottles of champagne, hampers, DVD players and even holidays abroad!


  • Select a number (or numbers of a horse).

  • Go to the ticket sellers at the Tote and buy the quantity of tickets for the selection that you require.

  • Cost of ticket is indicated at the Tote.

  • Sit back and enjoy the excitement of the race.  

  • If you have tickets with the number of the winning horse, then go to the ‘PAYOUT’ desk and claim your winnings.

  • The MC will announce the amount that will be paid out for each winning ticket.

Remember, each race is sealed in a separate container, and is not selected until after all the ticket sales are closed. So nobody will know the result until the race has been run.




RACE 1. Calor Lite Handicap

  1. A Better Choice
  2. Woolley Jumper
  3. When Harry met Sully
  4. More Magic
  5. Can't "A Ford" to Loose
  6. Lots of Bottle
  7. Al Fresco
  8. Calorific

RACE 2. Bosch Siemens Stake

  1. Winter Warmer
  2. Moaning Mini
  3. On Heat
  4. Hot Stuff
  5. Bish Bash Bosch
  6. Super Sir
  7. Scorchio
  8. Glad Rad

RACE 3. Foker Challenge Trophy

  1. Topline
  2. Cast Iron
  3. Compact
  4. Europa
  5. Zippy
  6. Clesse Connections
  7. Gas Bags
  8. Pressures On

RACE 4. The Royal Gold Cup

  1. At Home Out There
  2. Memphis Belle
  3. Harrisons Boy
  4. Carry On Camping It Up
  5. Royal Sizzler
  6. It's A Gas
  7. keep it Cool
  8. Got It Covered


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